The way people react when I tell them I have a chronic illness!

Everyone reacts different when I tell them I have a chronic illness. Normally I notice the two main ways people react. The reactions can be very diverse depending on the personality of the person I am telling.

First you have the people who are interested and want to learn more about what CRPS is. I personally love the people who are fascinated and curious. I love to answer questions and teach people to help them understand what I have is real. I am one of the few people who live with this every day. When I get to talk to these people it brings me so much joy. People think I’m always miserable, but I’m not. So please if you have questions, comments them down below or ask me at church or school.

The second way people normally react is the opposite. People will look at me like I’m crazy because they don’t believe in this chronic disease because they can’t see it them self. When I meet people like this, yes, it is very frustrating but it’s just something else that comes with having an invisible disease. I try to inform these people, but you can’t talk to people who don’t want to listen. If you aren’t fascinated or don’t believe in what I have that’s okay, but you should be respectful and say you don’t want to listen instead of how people just say I’m lying, a faker, want attention, etc. When most people say it’s not real because they can’t see it I normally ask, “Do you believe in God?”. I say this because when they say yes, they believe I tell them, “You can’t see God, so how do believe in him?” they get aggravated when I ask this and say that because they can’t tell me real logical explanation on why they don’t believe in CRPS other than they can’t see it.

I am a Christian and I believe God has this big plan for everyone even if we don’t know what it is or why he wants things this way. God has been the biggest factor in me getting sick. To be honest I was mad at God for making me go through this by myself with no one around me who understands, but now I’m so blessed that he gave me this and I know that he is always here walking my path that he has created with me all the way. Now I get to share and inform other people. This is real, regardless if you believe in it or not. I thank God I get to share this with you.

Please if you have any questions, comment down below! I will answer your questions.

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