CRPS and life update!!

Hello,once again it is been a little while since I have been on here just a lot has been happening. Last time I posted on here it was the end of January and I was full-time in a wheelchair due to an episode of paralysis. Luckily now towards the end of April, I’m only part-time in the wheelchair for really long distances and the rest of the time I do require help from a walker and or cane. It has been a journey very hard one to get past. I’m still not in school and I’m not going back to school this year to focus on my recovery but I’m looking up towards great things hopefully coming in the next few months.

Back in December I was notified that I had been put on a waiting list for Mobility service dog! This dog will help me do daily tasks like get dressed , help me walk, open and close doors/cabinets, and grab things if I can’t move because of the pain. This is a very long and expensive process. The waiting list is 2 to 4 years to receive a dog. To help with this process in the next few months I will be having various different fundraisers to help pay for the cost of the dog, the dogs training, the stuff I have to get for the dog before it gets to come home with me, and the cost of traveling back and forth.

So I would greatly appreciate all of your support and prayers during this process. If you would like to keep along with my story other than on my blog there’s a Facebook page just search #PhoebeJourney and the post should pop up and you can join the group.

I created this blog and the Facebook page to help educate people on CRPS and AMPS and the struggles of having an invisible chronic illness. I am one of the very few children who get diagnosed with this disease. I want to bring awareness to it because people don’t think it’s real, the thing it’s in our heads it’s not. It is a physical pain that I feel constantly every day of my life 24/7. There is not a normal day. For me some days I can’t walk, some days I can’t move, some days my leg goes numb and I can stop it. I just want people to try and understand.

I’m so grateful for anyone who took the time to read this and wants to educate themselves. I greatly appreciate anyone who wants to follow my story because it’s not just my story. There’s other people out there who have this who don’t know they have it, think there going crazy becuase becuase people say it’s in there heads, and go through this everyday. Everyone’s story s different so I hope you can learn from mine. I’m grateful I get to have a voice for other people and spread awareness for CRPS.

If you have any questions please comment down below ! Thank you.

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