5 things I appreciate more because of chronic illness(CRPS).🧡

1. My sense of touch.

I used to be able to give hugs all day and smile and feel no pain. I could be under my cozy blanket and wear my heavy sweatshirt. Now on my good days I can only give a few hugs and now certain fabrics make my skin feel like it’s burning off. On my bad days I can’t let anyone touch me or it would feel like my bones were breaking. So everyday I can give at least one hug, is a good day and I’m thankful for that hug.

2. Walking.

I didn’t ever truly appreciate walking until I couldn’t walk anymore. Any day at any moment my ability to walk could be taken away from me since I have paralysis as a sitifect of CRPS. Some days I feel like I’m walking on glass and other days I need a cane/walker/wheelchair to help me around. On the days I can make it from my bed to the couch without crying or falling is a good day.

3. Friends and family.

I appreciate my friends and family so much more than I did before I got sick. They give me so much support and love it’s unreal!! Even though I can be rude or bratty or unpleasant to be around they are always there! They are my rock. I don’t know where I’d be without them believing in me. Everything they do amazes me!

4.Self care.

Before CRPS I didnt know how much self care could mean. Before I’d get up and get ready all by myself with no care in the world. Now it can take all the energy I have just to put on deodorant by myself. My mom has to help me some days get dressed and pull my hair up. So every small thing I do for myself , like putting my hair up, is a small accomplishment!

5. The little things.

The little things are so important with a chronic illness!! I appreciate so many things now in my life. I appreciate being able to sit up and stand without any help. I appreciate music and T.V. for being my escape from reality! I appreciate my bed and being able to have time of rest ! I appreciate my friends and families laughter and smiles becuase for a while ot wasn’t there! I appreciate every single time I feel good enough to leave my house to see flowers and sunsets! The list could go on and on. The little things matter !

hank you so much for reading my blog! Please, if you have any questions just leave a comment down below! You can follow my journey on PhoebesLifewithCRPS on Facebook!!🧡🧡

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