8 Things about living with CRPS I want you to know.

1. I’m trying my best.

I try to make the most out of everyday. I try to do things I used to do or things I haven’t done. I always work as hard as I can with the circumstances I’ve been given. Please remember even if you think I’m not doing enough, I’m trying my best to live my life and work hard at everything I do.

2. I may not look sick, but I am.

I know from the outside I look like another normal 16 year old girl. I do things all teenagers do and I always try and smile. On the inside I’m in complete pain. It feels like my body is on fire and it hurts to move. I’m always in pain. It doesn’t stop hurting. So, even if you think I’m not sick becuase you cant see it, understand this is a very real illness.

3. There is no cure.

I won’t wake up one day and my illness just magically disappear. CRPS is a chronic illness. There is no cure to make it go away. There are different treatment options like physical therapy, nerve blocks, injections, ect. None of those things will make it go away forever. They might make it easier to tolerate the pain.

4. If I had a choice I would never miss anything or cancel plans.

I love to hangout with my friends and my family. Somedays I wake up and cant move, or i cant walk becuase of pain. I dont know what is going to happen with my body everyday. So if I ever cancel plans its not becuase i just didn’t want to go. I cancel becuase I physically can’t do it.

5. It is more than just physical pain.

Chronic Illness is more than just the physical pain. With CRPS and other illnesses comes anxiety and depression. I know first hand what having depression and anxiety feels like. I have panic attacks just thinking about people bumping into me or touching me. Its constant. I may not always be in a happy mood. Depression is very real especially when you’re kind of alone and are always in constant pain. So please be patient.

6. Every single day is different.

Every single say when I wake up is different. I could wake up and not be able to move or my leg could be numb etc. Something I did yesterday I might not be able to do today. It is very frustrating but I deal with it. So if you see me walking good one day and then the next I’m using my cane or wheelchair I’m not faking. My body is just weak and I need extra assistance.

7. I know it’s hard for my friends and family to see me like this.

I know this is hard for everyone I’m close with. I know it hurts them to see me in pain or see my when I’m upset becuase I can’t do anything. It breaks my heart to see them sad but I know it’s becuase they love me . I love them so much, I will be forever grateful to everything they’ve done for me.

8. Never be afraid to ask questions.

If you don’t understand something or are curious about something involving CRPS please ask!!! I love to educate people about my illness that’s one of the reasons I started this blog. I want people to understand and have the correct information. So please comment or message me if you ever want to know something!🧡

Thank you so much for reading my blog! Please comment and share!🧡🧡

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